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Who We Are

We have been transforming cities through sustainable infrastructure and technology projects that create a lasting legacy for future generations since 1988. Our long-term commitment to our projects means our expert team actively manages all aspects of an investment from development and financing through to design, construction, maintenance, and operations.

Our Commitment

We commit to build transmission and energy efficient solutions that are aligned with Saudi Arabia’s vision. Every project is important to NIT, no matter what size it may be. With an impressive team behind your project, we will exceed your expectations with the best services delivered to the highest international standards. 

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Nesma Infrastructure & Technology (NIT) established in Riyadh 1988. Subsidiary of Nesma Holding Co. Ltd. It is one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia in the field of communication technology, power system and energy infrastructures with a team of multi-skilled experts who have both the required experience and the know-how to meet the needs of clients and markets. 

NIT is classified as the first class contractor in the field of communication electronics and electrical works by the Ministry of Municipal Rural Affairs and Housing. 

An approved engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor for transmission and distribution substations, ground cables and overhead transmission lines (OHTL) up to 380kV by Saudi Electricity Company (SEC).

An approved energy services company (ESCO) by the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center (SEEC).


Quality Accreditations: ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 18001:2007 certified.

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Tomorrow’s infrastructure and technology look very different from today’s, building the future require an accurate plan to be executed with precision. Since its inception NIT has endeavored to promote economic development to improve the quality of life by anticipating the kingdom’s needs. It is through the repetition of this business cycle that we have managed to make NIT what it is today. Our operational initiative is inspired by an ideal balance between what our customers expect of us and the needs of the market. Based on those parameters, we follow a pragmatic approach to getting things done, while entrusting the details to the discretion of our team.


Salah Al Sunaid

Chief Executive Officer 

Nesma Infrastructure & Technology

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